About us

At Sofabed Barn we like to make sure our customers are fully satisfied with the standard of quality of the sofa bed or chair bed they buy. We do make all our products to order which makes the service to our customers that little bit more personal. We're a small friendly team who can be contacted anytime to give helpful advise if your not sure about anything before making your purchase.

Our priority's are simple the quality of our products and happy customers.


To visit our factory showroom and see for yourselves who we are and what we do.

*Please contact us first to arrange an appointment.

*We advise to arrange a date and time due to the fact we might be out delivering to other valued customers. We deliver almost daily throughout the UK.

Because our models are made to order we take all possible care to make sure your chair bed or sofa bed is finished to the highest standard. When choosing from our wide range of fabrics and colours we are confident you will find the perfect one to suit your taste. If your not sure which fabric or colour to choose let us send out some samples to you. Just pick a few colours you would like and the types of fabric you prefer then simply give us a call or send an email.

**Don't forget to provide your full name & Address for posting!

We take pride in making our products and will not compromise on quality, pricing and timely delivery.

With our vast experience and knowledge of making sofa beds we are always introducing new models.

Sofabed Barn is the manufacturer therefore when it comes to the all important price you will be paying factory direct prices!


Made in UK