Soft Chenille Fabrics

Choose from our wide range of soft chenille fabrics including calming pastel shades & bold vibrant colours.

Oyster Chenille

Bristol Taupe

Chocolate Chenille

Bristol Lime

Lipstick Red Chenille

Bristol Silver

Pewter Chenille

Bristol Pewter

Aubergine Chenille

Bristol Terracotta

Silver Chenille

Bristol Dark Brown

Lime Chenille

Lime Chenille

Teal Blue Chenille

Bristol Purple

Light Blue Chenille

Bristol Red

Navy Chenille

Oyster Soft Chenille

Taupe Chenille

Taupe Chenille

Moss Green Chenille

Moss Green Chenille

Ole Soft Chenille

Exclusive luxury fabrics available in a wide range of fresh & vibrant colours. 

Ole - Terracotta

Burgundy Soft Chenille

Ole - Mustard

Lipstick Red Soft Chenille

Ole - Turquoise

Aubergine Soft Chenille

Ole - Steel

Moss Green Soft Chenille

Ole - Wine

Navy Blue Soft Chenille

Ole - Slate

Light Blue Soft Chenille

Ole - Ruby

Black Soft Chenille

Ole - Amethyst

Fuchsia Pink Soft Chenille