Destino - Easyclean Velvet

Luxury soft touch chenille with the latest built in stain protection.

Destino - Teal

Destino Teal

Destino - Saffron

Destino Saffron

Destino - Tangerine

Destino - Tangerine

Destino - Heath

Destino Heath

Destino - Claret

Destino Claret

Destino - Atlantic

Destino Atlantic

Destino - Ash

Destino - Ash

Finesse - Easyclean 

Upholstery fabrics using the very latest Nanoclean technology. Finesse is a super-soft tactile fabric with built in stain protection. 

Finesse - Honey

Rich shade of golden yellow

Finesse Honey

Finesse - Malt

Light and creamy beige

 Finesse Malt

Finesse - Burnish

Bold rust orange colour

 Finesse Burnish

Finesse - Polar      

Subtle shade of light blue

Finesse Polar

Finesse - Navy

Medium shade of Navy blue

 Finesse Navy

 Finesse - Teal

Bold & fresh lively blue


Finesse - Ash

Darker tones of grey

Finesse Ash

Finesse - Silver

Cool shade of mid grey

Finesse - Silver

Finesse - Aegean

Darker tones of blue 

 Finesse Aegean

Finesse - Claret

Warm red tones

Finesse Claret